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Doxa in Greek means OPINION.

Doxa Pesquisas was founded in January 2001 with the purpose of offering a complete company to support the business decision-making process, enabling activities related to strategic and marketing planning, offering competitive prices, timeframe and quality standards.

Comprised by a highly qualified team to handle your project, we are acknowledged in the market for our ethical work and commitment. We strive for quality and therefore, we comply with the agencies that regulate the activity in Brazil (company affiliated to Abep).

Founded by Maria Rozi Vera Cantos, with over 30 years of experience in the market, working in the quantitative and qualitative segments. She holds a degree in Physical Education and Business Administration from FEC do ABC. She started her career as an interviewer at the Instituto Coleta de Pesquisas, and worked in field planning and management at companies such as Ello, Razões e Motivos, Radar and Insight. In 1998, she partnered with Virtual Pesquisas until 2000.
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